In 1995 Moshe Nanazia, a frustrated member of the industry, set forth on a quest to create a computer program that would work with windows and provide all the functions required by a diamond dealer. He went on to develop the software currently called Diamonds 2000. This software has gained a name in the industry for being an economical yet full-service product. Aside from the standard software package, Moshe has continued to work on adding features and creating compatibility with products such as the Palm Pilot, bar-code scanners, and the Megascope Diamond Analyzer.


How can I get started?
A demo version of the program can be sent to you upon our receipt of a $500 refundable deposit. Please feel free to call us at (212) 869-0017 with any questions.
In order to try Diamonds 2000 risk-free for 30 days a $500 refundable deposit is required.
Diamonds 2000 Version 10 Pro – Single User
$ 5,200.00
Diamonds 2000 Version 7 – Single User
$ 4,200.00
Diamonds 2000 Version 7 Light – Single User *
$ 2,500.00
Diamonds 2000 Network – Additional User
$ 300.00
The above prices include:
         Diamonds 2000 Software
         4 classes per user in order to become acquainted with the
          features and capabilities of Diamonds 2000
         6 months of free support
*        1 month of free support (Light Version)